How To Use Neuroscience To Become Mr. Right

Turn 2022 Into A Year of Self-Mastery

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the most important lesson to personal growth is

"If You Can't Go Outside, Go Inside."

Forget all the talk about getting out of your comfort zone or pushing yourself hard. It may sound counterintuitive, but you want to give yourself permission to let go of the pressure from the outside. The only person that makes you anxious is... YOU. When you become integrated, you will be fearless and no one will be able to move you from your core being. 

Boost your Social Impact

Take control of your mental well-being and self-confident. Shift the way you relate to your emotions and this will shift the way you relate to people and life. Become your best friend instead of your own worst enemy. Develop a mindset empowered towards the challenges of life.

Start a Journey of Personal Growth 

Nobody is born attractive, nor are you destined to live feeling insecure. Feeling attractive is a skill that can be taught. You can learn what it actually means to start following your heart on a path of personal growth. And the time to start get going is now.

Become Mr. Right

you need to go deeper than the limiting beliefs and thinking styles that are already distorted. Don't  fight movie characters on a screen. Instead, train your mind surf the brain waves (emotions) through a meditative practice that I can teach you. This is the first step towards a real self-transformation.

Find Love and Intimacy

Reconnect with the power of love. Learn to tap into this force instead of running away from it, and you will be changed. Once you have become integrated, everything will come to you, and your life will not be the same. You radiance will attract people into your life effortlessly. 

About Me

Thomas Fenichel is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, transformation coach, trainer, and mentor with over 15 years experience working in the personal and professional development industry. A recovering shy guy with a life-long commitment to serving and helping others to learn, grow and develop Thomas overcame the mental inhibitions that once held him back in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a psychotherapist, a job he loved and thrived at, while also realizing the limitations of psychotherapy. Thomas now works in private practice working with passion, enthusiasm and commitment inspiring others, wherever they may be on their path to create the life they want.

unique, innovative, and efficient

This programme combines methods of meditative practice and innovative psychology, and I will personally guide you in every step of the way until you will get the transformation you desire. 

your success is guaranteed

No matter how old you are or what you have already tried, this programme does work. If you follow the advice and guidance as instructed, put in the effort required and don’t give up easily then you will achieve the desired outcome you set for yourself.

Global, on-line Platform

The programme can be completed either face-to-face or on-line via Skype or zoom so your location isn’t an issue. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can become attractive and achieve your goals.

Interview on WikiExpert

Thomas Fenichel is an Online Life Coach who started his professional life as a computer engineer and then shifted to psychotherapy and coaching. His transition from technology to psychology forced him to make inner changes. Thomas devoted more than 20 years to the study and practice of self-transformation. He also developed a working model of the personality and a meditative practice that enables deep self-transformation. Let's get to know more about Thomas.

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On Shyness and the Human Condition

Shyness is a common psychological trait. It belongs to mental health, but when crossing a threshold of normality, it can seriously harm the quality of life and the ability to enjoy intimate relationships. Psychologists do not seem to penetrate into the depth of shyness, and their suggestions tend to be somewhat shallow.

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